New Client: VRGO

VRGO are ready to revolutionise the VR world. Forget grotesque and cumbersome treadmills that make you feel like you’re running a virtual-marathon; the VRGO team have developed a new kind of motion controller – the VRGO Chair. Built with both design and function in mind, this is the sort of controller we can see in any stylish tech-lovers home across the world.


In a nutshell, this controller enables you to experience the full immersive gameplay VR is designed for by allowing you to control characters and actions by simply tilting your body or rotating direction. Not sure what we mean? Their videos are n00b friendly; see it in action here.


After smashing their Kickstarter target and raising over £22,000 in 2016, they’re now developing the VRGO Chair for general release. Expect to see it hit web-stores by the end of the year.


We’ve joined the VRGO team to help them expand their brand and attract new customers as they approach their general release deadline. From social media to email campaigns, we’ll be covering a wide variety of digital marketing avenues to suit their large requirements. And this is one creative project; with high-hopes of video virality, plans to get Vloggers and online gamers on board, and an exciting product that can’t be found anywhere else, it’s certainly something we’re proud to be a part of.





Facebook: /vrgochair

Twitter: @vrgochair

Instagram: @vrgochair

Youtube: VRGO