What We’re Reading: Valuable Content Marketing

This book does exactly what it says on the cover and since the launch of the second edition in 2015, it’s been our go-to read.

Written by marketing aficionados Sonja Jefferson and Sharon Tanton, a Bristol based duo who form Valuable Content, this book breaks down the core routes you need to take in order to nail content marketing. Using a collection of case studies from small businesses such as Beer Bods and Noisy Little Monkey, it guides you through a broad set of channels that should play a prolific part in your content marketing workflow. From email campaigns and blogging to SEO and paid adverts, it’s all there in black and white.

Flick through the pages and you’ll even find some words from us. Dan Waller, creator of Royale Creative, discusses Wriggle‘s use of Social Media and the value of forging a personable brand with an anthropomorphic tone (you can read an extract here).

Perhaps the most important thing about this book however is the delivery. Yes it’s informative and plays host to a lot of advance thinking, but it’s by no means your run of the mill marketing read. Thanks to its clear format and smart categories, it’s an incredibly easy book to pick up and sink your teeth. The tone is spot on too and kept us engaged from page 1 to 302 (and yes that does include the extremely useful reference sections). The result is a genuine tour de force. Sonja and Sharon have made something that’s truly valuable for people who want to make the most our digital marketing.

So if you’re going to have one content marketing book in your arsenal, this should be the one. Throw it in your Amazon basket and get clued up with some seriously valuable lessons.